Repair shop

What is repair shop?


Repair shop supports additional technological service with professional engineers by opening our office in the sites.

Purpose of repair shop opening
  • Saving the cost for maintenance

    Saving the cost
    for maintenance

    Save more than 30 % annually for maintenance costs

    We maximize the efficiency of executing budget through organic cooperation

    Plan for saving budget

    • Save 5% compared to prior budget execution
    • Cost optimization by maximizing dispatched personnel
    • Saving cost by minimizing time loss
  • Maximizing efficiency


    Systemization of equipment management system

    Maximization of efficiency through simplifaction and unification of the flow of maintenance task

    Plan for maximizing efficiency

    • Support error through professional engineer
    • Provide one-stop channel regarding error support
    • Diagnosis of on-site problems and first round of problem solving right after a crisis happens (Dispatched 5 minutes before the issue happens)
  • Expand availability of service

    Expand availability
    of service

    Network and additional technological support

    Holistic technological support and expand service availability through network infra support

    Plan for expanding service availability

    • Establish Hot-line between on-site and professional engineers
    • Immediate problem-solving service
    • Partial free service for holistic data management
    • Set affiliation for each professional sectors
Main function of repair shop

We provide the best maintenance service based on know-hows from BACKPRO’s professional personnel and technology.

  • Establishment of on-site service center

    Establishment of on-site service center

    To respond quickly to the issue, we establish customer service center in the site.

    Main function

    • Professional personnel exclusively for the site
    • Immediate problem-solving to the issue
    • Holistic technological support through Hot-line
  • Maintenance for industrial equipment

    Maintenance for industrial equipment

    We repair electronic parts that composes of equipment.

    Main products

    • Touch-screened monitor, PLC, inverter
    • Power supply, Sub motor
    • Control board and discontinued product and etc
    • Supply and reapair products from more than 640 worldwide brand
  • Maintenance of industrial pc

    Maintenance of industrial pc

    We support a service for changing and improving computer for the equipment.

    Main service

    • Industrial system repair
    • Establish nationalization of server and IPC
    • Upgrade and repair
    • Data back-up and management
  • Main equipment data management

    We holistically manage all HDDdata used for the equipment for preventing data’s loss.

    Main equipment data management

    • Backup and recovery equipment “CRE-III”
    • 1:1 Data Copy equipment “duplicator”
    • Lansomeware prevention equipment “Cloneer-T”
    • Data complete delete solution “Eraser”
Repair shop operation flow
repair shop Operation Flow
Expected result from repair shop
Expected result from repair shop