100% Customer Satisfaction. 100% Technology Satisfaction. We will be your confident Partner.

About Us

100% Customer satisfaction
100% Technology satisfaction

We will be your confident partner.

BACKPRO supports smart production environment by service and products with high-end technology in LCD, semiconductor, paper, cement and steel.
Through production computer, equipment, PARTS improvement, nationalisation, R&D, system storage system, equipment production, we are going to provide stable system. Not only that, we support high-end technological service and production circulation of the products.

BACKPRO is going to grow as a leading company, focusing on consistent system development and technological research.
The company that the society trusts. The company that gives best satisfaction to its customer. And we do our best to grow as a company which realizes the dream and hope of humanity.

We promise you to be confident partner that gives 100% customer satisfaction, and 100% technological satisfaction.

CEO Lee Duk Woo