Maintenance and repair of pc

Nationalization of industrial pc

Nationalize industrial system environment of foreign brand equipment.

  • Reduction of the maintenance cost compared to that of foreign brand
  • Reduction of cost for acquiring Spair Parts
  • Immediate technological support by domestic engineers
Modify industrial pc

Longer the lifespan of the equipment by improving and changing old industrial pc.

  • Analysis of compatibility and system environment analysis
  • Improve function and longer the lifespan by applying new H/W
  • Improve productivity by upgrading system environment
  • Improve reaction rate to the crisis by applying domestic parts
Industrial pc maintenance flow
Industrial pc maintenance flow

Step 01.

Meeting with personnel

Step 02.

Check hardware

Step 03.

Backup data

Step 04.

Error analysis and optimization of software

Step 05.

System operation

Step 06.

Self moving test
(48 ~ 168 hours)

Step 07.

Check compatibility of pc
with equipment

Step 08.

Supply a finished product